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Manose - Suskera: Solo Bamboo Flute (Full Album)
Artist: Manose Album: Suskera: Solo Bamboo Flute 00:00 (1) Raag Yamen 21:52 (2) Raag Bhageshri 37:22 (3) Raag Jog Support the artist and buy this cd here: ...

Manose Singh - Mangal Dhoni
No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. All rights go to Manose Singh. This song is off the album Yoga Ragas called Mangal ...

Manose Singh - Ecstasy
Image by Peace.

Deva Premal , Miten, Manose and Friends "Twameva"
Recording made on June 4 2008 in Amsterdam, wonderful flute and singing solo by Manose . Warm your hearts! The real title is Twameva but I chose my own: ...

Manose Singh (Flute) and Manoj Gautam (Tabla) - Raag Hamsadhwani
Full Moon Concert at Kirateshwore Sangeet Ashram, Kathmanudu Nepal 2012.

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose: European Tour 2014
Deva, Miten and Manose announce their spring tour to Europe, Israel and Russia - dates & details here:, They will be joined by special guests ...

Manose Singh (Nepali Flute Virtuoso) & Doug Doppler (Guitar Virtuoso) - San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe
Jay's 40th Birthday celebration - Virtuoso Flutist Manose Singh and Guitar Wizard Doug Doppler playing Black Magic Woman with Standing Tall Order - Jay ...

Manose Plays The Blues: Chicago
Manose with Deva Premal & Miten in Chicago on 04/12/10.

titanic theme by manose singh
flute combination with sarangi and madal.

Manose Live in Kathmandu 2010

Manose - Buddha's Garden (Full Album)
Artist: Manose Album: Buddha's Garden 00:00 (1) Mangal Dhoni 33:55 (2) Puriya Kalyan Buy this album on Amazon: ...

ETERNAL CHANT ~ Manose/Ani Choying Drolma
Eternal chant by Manose and Ani Choying Drolma.

Manose (Call Within)
More info about the Album

Lauren Kelleher at Omega with Manose

manose singh
Rising Spring.

Manose - Om Triambakum Mantra
Short clip of Manose performing the Om Triambakum Mantra in Boulder CO with Deva Premal, Miten and maneesh de moor October, 2013. Om Tryambakam ...

Manose and Peter
This video is about Manose and Peter.

Manose Singh - mermaid song (flute)
Mermaid song at - subscribe for more - facebook ...

Manose Singh Newa at Omega Insitute Ecstatic Chant 2011
Manose opens his solo set at Omega Institute's Ecstatic Chant Weekend 2011 , The piece is inspired by the poem, "The Flute" by Mirabai, which he also recites.

Bansuri jam with Manose and John Wubbenhorst at Bhakifest 2013
Manose and John enjoying a spontaneous sharing with raga Bhupali in Matta Tala at the Bhaktifest festival 2013............

Manose - Epiphany (Full Album)
Artist: Manose Album: Epiphany 00:00 (1) Sun Salutation (with Deva Premal) 07:47 (2) Prayer Flags 13:19 (3) Epiphany 20:10 (4) Oasis 28:06 (5) Monsoon ...

Samjhi Baschu - 1974 AD New Line Up with Phiroj and Manose - Full HD and Close Up
Phiroj Shyangden and Manose Singh along with the 1974 AD new line up perform the evergreen Nepali folk rock song Samjhi Baschu at Purple Haze.

Ecstasy - Manose Singh
Om Shanti.

Manose - Kauda (Notes from Home (Himalayan Folk Tunes))

Prayer Flags for Binu
Thank you for letting me share this music from the place where I grew up, inspired beneath the same prayer flags you see in this video. I'm sure there is no one ...

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose: An Invitation
A beautiful invitation from Deva & Miten with Manose to join them during their 2017 tour of the USA, Canada & Mexico in May-June, plus Europe in Sept-Nov.

Manose Oasis

Love makes everything possible: A film by Manose
On our travels we meet many inspirational people. In Ljubljana, Slovenia, Manose met Zoran and Monika and made this very beautiful video of their journey ...

mermaid song manose 1974 ad (naresh limbu) Mermaid song by 1974 a.d. ...

Mermaid Song Sagarmani
This cover song is a Tribute to Manose Singh who has been an inspiration for so many young and aspiring Flutists...

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